Wish us luck! We’re sending out books to plea for help from legislators to help fix the REAL problems hurting our children’s education

Well, it is an expensive proposition, but today we started a campaign to plea for help from our Massachusetts legislators to fix all the real problems hurting our children’s education.  The first six copies were mailed out today — a copy of Lifting the Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education, along with a whimsical button I had made up on Zazzle that says “I don’t teach anymore — I just comply with mandates.”


I‘m taking on this expense  because I have been so very encouraged by the blogs and sites that have picked up on the message of helping our children.  Led by the mighty book warrior Robyn Chausse, even more leading blogs, education, and parent sites plan interviews, reviews, and Q&A sessions in the days ahead.  (Robyn’s passion for the same issues has gone far beyond anything I ever expected, and her professionalism in helping me learn this internet marketing “thingie” has been amazing.  I recommend anyone with a driving issue like mine contact her for help!)

So many people really do care about children’s high school education that it gives me great hope we can really do something – not just focus on the diversions of some reprehensible teacher obscuring the efforts of a hundred good teachers in his/her school.  Getting this message out is the number one non-family bucket list I have for the two years I am predicted to have with stage four cancer.  There is nothing on this planet more precious than these children – we have got to make REAL changes to the systemic problems destroying their education.

For more info on Lifting the Curtain, please visit:  http://liftingthecurtain.com/

And thank you all so much for your support and FB likes that are so helping to get out the word!

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2 Responses to Wish us luck! We’re sending out books to plea for help from legislators to help fix the REAL problems hurting our children’s education

  1. Robyn says:

    I love your passion for these kids! Cute buttons too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don R says:

    Best laid plans of mice and men — the shipment of additional books to send out just shipped today, a day AFTER they were supposed to arrive. Oh well — it lets me get ahead on preparing the postage labels and cover letters. 🙂


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