Teachers — another great chance for our voices to be heard nationwide this Monday, 6 April!

On Monday night, April 6th, my friend and colleague M. Shannon Hernandez will be the guest on a national radio talk show to discuss student-centered education reform. Shannon has been asked to appear on Dan Rae’s NightSide Show on WBZ 1030AM Radio (CBS Radio). This is a nationally syndicated talk radio show which reaches 38 states across the USA, and has a huge additional live-streaming audience.

When I was on Dan Rea’s show a couple months ago teachers, students, and parents from across the nation kept the lines lit all night with the unanimous message “Let’s fix the REAL issues with education!”  This is a great chance for classroom teacher voices to be heard.  Shannon is an awesome advocate for educational reform, and is especially respected for her views on, and exposure of, bullying and intimidation of teachers by administrators to prevent teachers from speaking out on the real issues.

Shannon is the author of Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher,  and podcast host of Transforming Public Education: Creating REAL Reform Through Compassion, Love, and Gratitude.  If you have not visited her website, http://myfinal40days.com/, you will want to bookmark it and drop in often!

Want to listen to the show or call in with your opinion?   Here are the show details:

Date and time: Monday, April 6, 9:00 pm
Tune in via radio: 1030 AM
Tune in via internet: www.cbsboston.com/nightside (Click listen live.)
Call-in numbers: 617-254-1030 or 888-929-1030

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