Classroom teachers – your voices just got a LOT louder (about a million times louder!) by an invitation to join the Huffington Post education blog

It doesn’t happen very often for classroom teachers, but sometimes the good guys and gals do actually finish first.  When I started this blog last fall, my goal was simple:  let classroom teacher voices be heard about the real problems with education.  I was tired of the constant false mantra that education has failed our children because of “…bad funding, bad unions, bad children, and bad teachers.”  I had too many years in the classroom seeing the real issues to accept that simplistic misdirection.

So I began this blog with the sole purpose of writing posts centered on submissions by teachers from across the nation.   But realistically, I also knew that my efforts would be tiny and lost in the noise.  To me 61,000 visitors and followers of this blog is a big deal, but in the real world that is a miniscule number.

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But then lightning struck, because people had such high respect for all your teacher stories that contributed to these blog articles!  In literally thousands of posts and emails, people all across the country responded to what you allowed me to share.  The most common comment I received was along the lines of “…what Carol L. said made sense to me.  I had never heard that before.”

Today I received final approval and access to become a blogger on education at the Huffington Post.  A recommendation by Shannon Hernandez directly to Arianna Huffington started the process.  Once the blog group had vetted me and looked at the past posts, the process began.  There were a few bumps along the way, and Ms. Huffington had to jump in twice to make it happen, but it is now official.  I will be posting many of my blog pieces on the Huffington Post as well as on my WordPress blog at:   My hardest challenge will be to keep the Huffington Post versions below 1000 words – a tough challenge for me!

This is a big step for teacher voices.  As many of you know, whenever possible I center blog articles around a 250-word passage written by a teacher from all across the country.  Now those classroom teacher voices will also be on a Huffington Post site that is visited by literally millions of readers every day.

(If you did not know about the BeHEARD! initiative to let
your voice be heard – please click here.)

What impresses me most is that Ms. Huffington asked to add a blog that does not mirror the traditional views of her organization.  My disdain for career DoE bureaucrats, state and national unions that seem to focus on being PACs and ignore the needs of the local unions, and legislators that trade funding for donations while kicking the can down the road instead of real fixes, is clear.  If an outlet like the Huffington Post is ready to give access to voices like ours, then maybe, just maybe, we can start to get real change to education.

Thank you, classroom teachers.  You made this happen.  Please click the “BEHEARD!” tab at the top of the blog, submit your passage, and help push this forward even more!

KIRKUS and CLARION praise the acclaimed book about our failing education system:
 Lifting the Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education –
“…from the unique perspective of a classroom teacher.”   The 2nd edition
includes dozens of teacher submissions from across the USA
 and nine
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One Response to Classroom teachers – your voices just got a LOT louder (about a million times louder!) by an invitation to join the Huffington Post education blog

  1. Sue Hersey says:

    Finally! I will look forward to this and chiming in. I just retired
    last month after nearly 35 years of teaching. I have
    many thoughts and opinions of course. It is about time
    people begin to listen to the ones that work with the children
    every day. Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

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