CLASSROOM TEACHERS – here is your chance to share YOUR story nationwide to help us fix the real issues with education for our children

The single most important thing we can do, if we are ever to fix the real problems with education, is to let classroom teacher voices be heard!  It’s the only way parents and legislators will ever learn about the policies and mandates that have stolen the chance for a good education from an entire generation of children.  Parents never see past the curtain of the school entryway to have any chance of understanding what mandates by career DoE bureaucrats, and the unintended consequences of well-meaning legislation, have done to prevent teachers from teaching.

Every time I can actively publicize and share teacher opinions and stories on this blog as part of feature articles, another parent or legislator begins to see what is needed to fix education for our children.  I can quote you either anonymously or with full attribution, your choice!   I would be honored to quote from these teacher submissions in the heart of the overall post, or even post the full text of the very best submissions.  A link with some basic requirements is at the end of this post.

One of the most powerful things I have learned over the past few months is that many teachers from all around the nation have stories far more eloquent and insightful than mine about the state of today’s education.  Literally thousands of emails, and posts on the our Facebook and blog pages, have proved it.  I included dozens of the best of these in the 2nd edition of Lifting the Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education.  I often cite great teacher emails and stories (with their prior permission) on this blog.  Teachers from all over the country called in this week to the 2-hour talk show we had on Boston’s WBZ, the nation’s 7th largest radio audience, giving teacher voices an all-too-rare chance to be heard about the real problems with education.

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Well, it’s time to take it to the next level!  I am inviting all teachers, across the nation, to join in and be heard!  Send me a 250-300 word passage that meets the requirements of the BE HEARD! page on this blog reflecting your views about education.  If accepted, it will be published here as the heart of a blog post I will write discussing that topic.  It will be shared with other teachers nationwide, both on this blog, our Facebook page, and via all those who follow and re-blog our posts.  (If you want your voice to be heard and shared, please first be sure to visit the BE HEARD! page on this blog to see the guidelines and requirements.)

We need parents and legislators to hear what needs to be done, from the voices of the only group, classroom teachers, who understands what is really happening in today’s classrooms!

The 2nd edition of the acclaimed book about today’s failed education system
 Lifting the Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education –

is now available, with dozens of teacher submissions from across the USA and nine
new chapters.  Both KIRKUS and CLARION praise this important book

“…from the unique perspective of a classroom teacher”
that shows the real problems that have destroyed the education
of our children.  Please get a copy
HERE or on Amazon.

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2 Responses to CLASSROOM TEACHERS – here is your chance to share YOUR story nationwide to help us fix the real issues with education for our children

  1. Kenneth J. Holzapfel says:

    Great idea!


  2. Edna Vera says:

    The first thing that needs to happen is for parents to step in and take away their children’s cell phones. The children are not,paying attention in class when the teacher is lecturing, therefore, they don’t learn their lessons. They have phones in the office that can be used for an emergency. The children seat listening to music while,the teacher is explaining the lesson on the board. This situation is ruining your children’s education. Another thing that needs to happen is communication between teacher and parent. A lot of students are very disrespectful to teachers and substitutes. I am a retired teacher and I do substitute work at the schools. I am,one of those that call parents when a student disrespects me. Most of the parents appreciate my call while some,other tell me that I am just a substitute teacher and why am I calling instead of the real teacher. I tell,them because the child disrespected me. Another thing is,the zero tolerance on students showing affection with each other in the halls, outside, and during school hours. It does not look respectful to be there kissing and hugging in front of every body in the halls outside of class. A discipline report needs to be given to the students and sent home to,the parents as well. This is why there is a huge pregnancy problem at the high school level. It is very sad. Something must be done about this or the students education will be ruined.


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