Tonight’s the night!  The voices of CLASSROOM TEACHERS will be heard by 1,000,000-plus across the nation!

Tonight, 9:00 to midnight, the nation’s 7th largest radio show is hosting a call-in talk show dedicated to discussing the real problems with education from the perspective of a teacher.  It will be live on the Dan Rea show, Boston’s WBZ-AM 1030 radio, and live streamed on their website  Put it on your radio or computer while you grade papers, and join in!  We have another foot of snow falling here, so I will pack the snowshoes and head in early with my daughter.

ERROR:  Please note a key correction for something I somehow lost in the discussions with WBZ!  The show is 9-midnight, but I am slotted for the 9-10:00 hour, only.  (Senility struck again?)

I have been amazed at the results in the five days since this event was first announced.  The number of posts and emails has shown how much teachers want to be able to teach again, and show that the same patterns and issues I researched in urban high schools also apply down to the elementary level, and in rural and suburban schools as well.

But what stunned me most, and made me most proud to be a teacher, was the attitude of so many who responded.  The common threads of deeply caring for our students, dearly wanting to teach again, and need to deal with the burnout and frustration in what is forced on today’s teachers, surfaced in every post.

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And, 800-plus posts in 5 days with not a single flamer!  5,500 shares, and not one nasty comment.  Those of us who blog and speak about education from a teacher’s view all-too-often shoot ourselves in the foot by the tone and attacks that come from how frustrated we are.  We flame, and personally attack, and immediately drive away the very people we need to understand our message if we are ever to get help fixing education.  Yet 800-plus comments, and there was none of that!

Those posts just offered caring, facts, suggestions, ideas, and perspectives.  Surprise – those are the very characteristics that define the best teachers!

I hope many of you will call in while you work late into the night correcting papers and homework.  They announce the phone number throughout the show.  I expect a fair number of unpleasant calls from school administrators and career DoE bureaucrats who will not want parents and legislators to hear the real impact of their policies.  It gives me hope and pride to know that those same listeners will be able to compare that tone, with your measured voices as shown in those 800-plus posts!

We have already lost for the education of this generation of children.  But tonight could start a process that could change the lives of the next generation.

Here are the details.  Please join us!  Teachers, call in and be heard for a change!

Time:  9:00 – 12:00pm, EST
Radio:  WBZ-AM radio 1030, Boston MA
Live stream:
Lifting the Curtain blog:

Lifting the Curtain Facebook page:  FACEBOOK

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