Teachers – talk live with someone who is doing more to publicize the issue of bullying by school administrators, and the frustrations that drive good teachers out of the profession, than all the rest of the bloggers, reporters, and authors combined!

The loss of good teachers because their love of teaching is crushed by school administrator who bully teachers, and by mandates that prevent teaching, is staggering.  Almost half of new teachers now quit the profession within the first 5 years.  Overall, we are now losing 20% of our best teachers every year.

Well, join us for the unique live opportunity to discuss these issues, and to ask your questions, with M. Shannon Hernandez. Shannon is a former teacher who loved teaching, but finally left the profession after 15 years.  As to bullying and frustration?  She’s been there, done that, and earned the painful t-shirt so many of us wear.

Shannon is a nationally respected champion for education issues, both with her blog about education on the Huffington Post, and as the acclaimed author of the book Breaking the Silence:  My final 40 days as a public school teacher.  If you’d like a preview, here is her story:  A powerful story of the terrible impact on a teacher who is falsely charged with doing something “inappropriate” by her own principal.

I will also be with Shannon (as a “little kid” along for the ride!) as she discusses these issues and answers your questions on December 2nd at 8:00pm EST.  The call-in is free, and there is a full Q&A session planned.  Go to this Facebook page for the details:  Shannon’s Event.

Date: December 2, 2014
Time: 8P ET
Place: We will gather via phone for a one hour chat!
Phone Number: 805-399-1000
Access Code: 387408#

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