Call for 250-word submissions and a contest for your “Visions on Teaching!”

Teachers, SPED Pros, and school administrators let your voice be heard!
Let your experiences be embedded in the main chapters of the 2nd edition of Lifting The Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education.  Be a part of our plea for legislators and DoE to fix the REAL problems with education!

Submission Deadline:  30 October 2014

Today the rest of the world seems to have discovered that all the world’s major problems are caused by teachers – global warming, the deficit, teenage acne, ozone layer depletion, the plight of the baby seals, and everything wrong with education.  The right-wing talk show hosts correctly identify the education problem to be a bunch of left-wing communist liberal teachers who are more interested in union perks and in brainwashing their children to vote Democratic than in teaching.  Meanwhile, the left wingers correctly see that the education problem is old-time, overly conservative Republican teachers clinging to 1950’s ideas of learning, and too cheap to spend what is needed to fund education.  The legislators correctly see that the issue is to ignore the real problems and just increase expenditures and taxes to reward their largest donor unions – and to gain the approval of parent voters by punishing teachers for bad grades whether or not the child  studies, tries, or even attends high school.  Career bureaucrats, safe in their cubicles far from the realities of today’s classrooms, realize that the answer is more mandates, paperwork, and micromanagement of teachers.  And the parents correctly see that the problem is teachers who don’t care enough to teach children basic table manners and social responsibility, or see that they do their homework.


Meanwhile the teachers all spend so much time having all the above prevent them from teaching by tying their hands that they burn out, and the quality of their teaching is forced to drop.  Of course that proves to all the other stakeholders that they were right – the teachers are the problem!  After all, the teachers are the only part of the crisis in education that is seen past the curtain of the school entryway.

Help us change that!  Submit your experiences and view.  Let legislators and parents see the real problems that tie our hands when we try to teach.  Help show them what administrators and career bureaucrats so carefully hide from view.

PLEASE NOTE – All submissions, to be considered for inclusion in the book and to be eligible for prizes, MUST meet the terms and conditions listed at our website,, specifically including your acceptance of a publication release form.

To see and comment on new submissions as they arrive, and to be an active part of our “Visions on Teaching” initiative, please be sure to FOLLOW our Blog!

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