A look at the loss of arts, inclusion classes, and student expectations from a teachers point of view — a Q & A session at Linda Rheinhart’s award-winning blog!

Please shoot over to Linda’s blog — Words from the Heart — for a Q & A session with Linda about three of the most problematic areas where we are failing our children in their high school education.  There is a clear reason her blog is so highly respected — Ms. Rhinehart is an educator with an obvious heart for these children, and we were not surprised that the questions she chose tackled three of the most controversial and misunderstood failings in todays schools.

  • How arts and electives are being crowded out of the school curricula
  • The misconception that today’s high school students don’t want to work
  • The failure of inclusion classes, despite all the good intentions behind them

We are very grateful that Linda is helping us show the real issues that so hurt our children’s education, and she is letting her readers see them from the unique, and too rarely heard, perspective of classroom teachers.  Please join us and add your voice to our plea to legislators and career DoE Bureaucrats to make the changes our children need!  Visit our blog, Lifting The Curtain On Education,  and be sure to click FOLLOW in the upper right-hand corner to keep up to date with this effort by teachers nationwide.

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