More books being sent out to legislators in our mission to help classroom high school teachers fix the REAL problems with education! Do YOU have a legislator who should get one?

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the REAL problems with high school education!)

Well, they arrived two weeks late, but another 50 copies of Lifting the Curtain:  The disgrace we call urban high school education arrived today.  So another batch is in the mail aimed at every Massachusetts legislator (and starting to contact others like NH Senate candidate Scott Brown).  My goal has morphed completely in the past two months because of the huge success we have had with teachers nationwide, other leading blogs, leading writer’s sites and many others jumping in and helping us spread the word about how we can REALLY fix education – from the view of classroom teachers, for a change!  It’s no longer about promoting a book despite how grateful I am to see the purchases and reviews on Amazon  or Goodreads – it’s about getting this crucial message out, and if the book helps in the process, that’s a bonus.  One blog review like the great one by Margo Dill at the Women on Writing site is more powerful a weapon to get change than 1,000 book sales!  I love these lines from her review:

“One of his main points is right now, this is what is going on in our schools, and we are failing our kids. Shouldn’t we shake things up a bit, change things around, to reach more teens and bring them success? This book makes me want to shout from the mountaintop… Yes!”

Please let me know if there is a legislator in your state, either state or federal, that you think should receive this mailing.  I will try to fulfill as many of them as I can!

Book shipment

These children are precious – and when the systemic failures in education cheat them out of a good education by tying a teacher’s hands with an impossible set of mandates and unintended consequences of well-meaning laws, we are taking away part of their future.  Today’s high school children want far more challenge and far more opportunity to feel earned pride in mastering tough topics than anyone outside the school entryway ever sees.  I know!  I have seen hundreds of children the system wrote off as being stuck in “standard” and “unwilling to try” change all that – and become “A” students with zero do-overs on tests, no phony “extra credit packets” to pull up grades, and no dumbed-down multiple choice tests to make it easy to pass a course.

The systemic failures in high school education force teachers to dumb-down instruction and try to pass everyone, regardless of effort.  Yet, giving a child a “free ride” through high school is not an act of love!

I’m told my stage 4 cancer gives me about a year and a half (Yeah!  Like I’m going to let some puny amoeba beat me that quickly!) to get this message out – so it is now my #1 non-family bucket list priority. I am truly blessed by so many who are helping.  800-plus Facebook likes in just a few weeks since we started the page!  More than 800 people are following this blog that was only started a month ago.  Dozens of people have shared the posts and helped get the word out just this week.  We will fix high school education’s problems for our children!

Please!  Check FOLLOW in the upper right corner of our blog to follow us and to contribute your thoughts on this blog, and be sure to visit our website at to see what we are trying to do.  Get involved and climb aboard.  It’s a bumpy ride, and will be controversial.  But together we can make a real change that will better every high school student to come!

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