Friends Spreading the Word

The buzz begins slowly and eventually gains momentum, as in the hundredth monkey effect. We aren’t calling our friends monkeys in any way (smile), but we would like to thank all those daring enough to question the quality of today’s educational climate. As each person speaks up, asks a question, or suggests a better way, we move closer to creating a better system for children to thrive and tomorrow’s leaders to grow.

Today, two bloggers are sharing a long synopsis of Lifting the Curtain. Margo is a teacher and YA Author; she writes wonderfully engaging historical fiction. Please visit her at Margo L. Dill, YA and Kids Author. Our next friend is cautiously sharing the book’s information—like many teachers and paraprofessionals she is nervous about the repercussions should anyone be offended. In a smart move she added a disclaimer to the top of her post! You can visit Lisa at One Sister’s Journey.

D.A. Russell wrote Lifting the Curtain to expose some of the hidden policies and practices that stand between our children and the education they deserve…and need! The answer to low graduation numbers does not lie in lowering standards; it is in empowering our children. These young people are our future employees, business owners, politicians, writers, artists, visionaries, and doctors. Let’s encourage them to become the people they really want to be.

If you would like to help build the buzz please let us know. We have teaser chapters and other content you can share on your social media sites. Also, Lifting the Curtain would make a dynamic book club read!

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